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.:Listen To Your Heart:.

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Views: 4728 (since 2013/02/23)
United States
TheEpicPikatwo (16 videos)
Tags: bunnykill animation smokexrita listen to your heart
I MAY REMAKE THIS BECAUSE I KINDA WANNA DO A NEW VERSION BUT OF COURSE WITH THE SAME CHARACTERS YOU SEE HERE IN THIS VIDEO! Okay.. I guess I'll upload the rest of my videos I had here again but if they get all taken down like that again, I'll probably go somewhere else to upload these. .w. Anyway, here's my reuploaded animation of Rita and Smoke with the song Listen To Your Heart. x3 I enjoyed making this at the time but I plan to remake this like I said so I'll probably work on some of the frames now and the second version will probably have the words in it, not for sure yet but as in the video, the original video meme belongs to kay2036 so go check out hers, you'll love it if you didn't see it yet. c: Well, I hope you all like this!


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