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Happy Birthday Mewtwo 2013

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Views: 4413 (since 2013/02/12)
United States
TheEpicPikatwo (16 videos)
Tags: pokemon mewtwo amv birthday
Well, apparently Tubewatcher will delete all of your videos after some time which I don't understand why. owe But anyway, I decided to take this video off of Youtube and upload it here for you people since of course if I leave two videos with copyright music on the account of mine there, I will only have one strike left.. .w.; I rather have two instead of one but anyway.. I plan to upload most of my videos I had on here so keep on a look out again.Also, I had this uploaded a day late on Youtube, I wish I could've uploaded on his birthday but it's better than never right? Well, that is all I gotta say.


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