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Fraudulent New Age "Zeitgeist"

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Tags: horus, dionysus, attis, krishna, mithra, jordan, maxwell, conspiracy, astrology , pisces , gilamesh, plagiarism, blatsky, occult, osiris, isis, gnosticism , sargon , prometheus, myths
Larry Wessels, Director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater & Steve Morrison, Research & webmaster for Christian Answers (see websites: BIBLEQUERY.ORG, HISTORYCART.COM, & MUSLIMHOPE.COM) analyze a movie called "Zeitgeist" that claims that Christianity is the "Fraud of the Age." "Zeitgeist" claims that Christianity is nothing more than a concoction of myths, fables, & legends plagiarized from numerous pagan sources before it. "Zeitgeist" argues that Christian faith & doctrine come from a collection of astrological sources (Zodiac), Egyptian myths (Egyptian Book of the Dead), & various other ancient religions (such as Hinduism). "Zeitgeist" comes across with amazing forcefulness as if the information being presented is absolutely true & unquestioned. The movie opens with quotes from George Carlin & others indicating that lies are everywhere. The movie then sets out to trash Jesus Christ & Christianity by supposedly "documenting" that it is all a lie based on the above mentioned sources. The movie also talks of political conspiracies in the world today & concludes with an annotated bibliography of reference citations. Gerald Massey is cited 30 times (he wrote for Theosophy's publication "Lucifer" which was founded by New Age occultist H.P. Blatsky. Massey was also a practicing Druid). "Zeitgeist" also references Manly P. Hall (Freemason) five times, Albert Churchwood (Freemason) six times, Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy (makers of Zeitgeist) seven times, D.M. Murdock (New Age author) two times who also goes by the pen name Acharya S. twenty-seven times, & on the list goes. This movie is nothing more than pure propaganda easily refuted by historical data, archeological findings, manuscript evidence, & hundreds of fulfilled Biblical prophecies. Hitler's Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels would have been proud of the makers of "Zeitgeist" who follow the old line, "If you lie long enough & loud enough people will believe you."

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