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Put Down That Camera Citizen!

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Tags: endtime, bible, new world order, felony, human, rights, cops, police, brutality, photography, surveillance
So in at least three states if you film a police officer in public while he is brutalizing a fellow citizen you can GO TO PRISON! That's right... he can be breaking the law he is sworn to uphold and YOU yes YOU can GO TO PRISON FOR UP TO FIFTEEN YEARS! How do you like them apples? So you can be under the watchful eye of big brother, but hey if you aren't doing anything wrong why are you complaining citizen? But they can confiscate your phone, your camera, whatever you happen to be filming with if you catch them in the act. And if they happen to find out you caught 'em and put it on YouTube.. don't you worry they will dig until they find a law, streeeetch that law till it fits, come to your house, arrest you and put you in PRISON yes, PRISON. It isn't just a misdemeanor, it's a FELONY my friend.

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